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We Offer Individualized Treatment Sessions

All services can incorporate physical therapy type treatment to help with reduction in symptoms.  You can also work with only posture alignment therapy.  Some clients find they have symptom relief from other practitioners such as chiropractors, massage therapist, acupuncturist, or other physical therapy.   We are happy to coordinate and work as a team approach combining the Egoscue Method with other therapeutic modalities.

Posture Alignment Therapy

We help patients with a variety of symptoms/pain, poor posture, or have a goal to achieve where better posture can assist such as athletic performance or appearance.  Posture Alignment Therapy addresses the body as a whole and works to get to the root cause of a symptom.  The overall goals of posture alignment therapy are to rediscover the bodies functional design, restore function and return to health.  Posture therapy is a process and the benefits of the process include improved appearance, feeling better, and the avoidance of using medications, injections or surgeries.

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Knee Rehabilitation

We help patients recover from injuries and prevent the need for knee surgery. We focus on helping with symptom relief, achieving full movement capacity, and strengthening and balancing muscles. We work to include balance and gait or walking pattern to help maximize function. When posture alignment therapy is combined with this rehabilitation, we look at your body as unit and help with the root cause of the injury and preventing further injury. ACL tears, knee ligament injuries, meniscus tears, arthritis other conditions can cause limiting knee pain and decreased function. Knee rehabilitation exercises, modalities and posture alignment give the client best chance of recovery.

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Shoulder Physical Therapy

Our shoulder Physical Therapy program is for post-surgical, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), rotator cuff tendonitis, bicipital tendonitis, bursitis, shoulder impingement, A/C joint injuries or arthritis. The one on one care you receive in helping with manual therapy needed to help recover mobility. The shoulder rehabilitation process takes you a gradual progress of movement and strength. When posture alignment therapy is combined with this rehabilitation, we look at your body as unit and help with the root cause of the injury and preventing further injury.

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Tennis Elbow Therapy – Golfer’s elbow

Elbow inflammation and pain can be reduced with modalities and manual therapy or gentle stretching to help move to the next phase of therapy. With elbows it is important to look at the connection to the shoulders. We help progress your movement, strength and level of activity. With posture alignment therapy added we are looking at the connection of the hips/pelvis and shoulders and their influence on swinging motions.

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Headache Treatment

There are many different causes for headaches if you have not found a systemic reason for the headaches our headache treatment can include physical therapy that addresses connection to muscle spasms, related TMJ issues, cervical connection, and overall posture. Modalities are used to help reduce symptoms to allow for joint mobilization, massage, myofascial treatment. At this point, a great time to combine Posture Alignment therapy as we are certified in the Egoscue Method of posture alignment. We look at the body as a unit and look more for the root cause of the headaches.

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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fascia is the tissue that connects our heels to the rest of our feet, and plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of that heel fascia.  Through physical therapy we can use modalities to help reduce the inflammation.  The big picture is to remember, the body is a single unit, and compensating in one area will negatively impact other areas. It’s inevitable. The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone, after all. There are three arches in our feet: These arches may be high and tight or loose and flat.   If your feet are turning in or out, rolling in or out this is all part of alignment that can influence recovery from conditions like plantar fasciitis.  Your alignment from joints above influence what is happening down at the feet.

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Back Pain with or without Radiculopathy - Sacroiliac Dysfunction – Sciatica

Back pain can be localized or have additional symptoms down one or both your legs into the buttock, knee, calf or foot.  Our treatment program to address this involves good evaluated techniques to help connect where symptoms are originating from.   The posture alignment program in addition can help with the root cause at the compromised joint.  Symptom relief can involve modalities, massage, manual therapy which can be gentle mobilizations or even less aggressive techniques called muscle energy which allows you as the patient more control in the treatment.   We use your gentle muscle contractions to help gently get the joints in more balance.   We help you return to the highest level of function that you can achieve.

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Bunion Treatment and Other Toe Deformities

We offer post-surgical rehabilitation for bunionectomies as well as other foot and toe procedures.  We are also here to prevent surgery and use of injection.  Manual therapy helps keep joints mobile that are stiff Strengthening to help with the toes, the muscles of the foot that support the arch as well as the ankle.  Addressing the surrounding area helps reduce or eliminate the symptoms.  At the core of these toe and foot issue comes back to the use posture therapy to help with root cause of the start of the symptoms and prevention of progression or breakdown of other joints.

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TMJ Treatment

There are many symptoms that are connected with tempo mandibular treatment: jaw pain, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), headaches, tooth pain, vertigo, dizziness, Our TMJ treatment program helps to eliminate acute pain and symptoms, while also producing long term results. Our TMJ protocol includes TMJ exercises, jaw manipulations, modalities, and pain relief therapy.   We help with the root cause from habits that may be part of the cause,as well as, the overall posture which commonly includes a very forward head playing a significant role in the root cause.  We go further into what are the hips doing and why is the head so forward.

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